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Our company’s co-founder, Jon Sweet, was raised by a single mother, so he grew up understanding firsthand the challenges women face in providing for families on their own. Due to his experiences, Jon is dedicated to supporting financial independence for women. He recognizes the social, cultural, physical and emotional complexities women face in pursuing their financial goals. 

Jon’s daughter, Marja, has joined him in the financial planning and wealth management field. She looks forward to becoming an advocate for women, empowering them to feel knowledgeable and secure with their financial life.

Transitioning from married to single life

Many women face challenging transitions as they move through different stages of life. They often move in and out of the workplace as they have children and raise them, creating vulnerabilities in their financial lives. And they often transition from married to single life through divorce or the death of a spouse. Because women live 10-20 years longer than men, they regularly spend the last years of their lives alone. Our team understands how to navigate these transitions so that women can land on their feet and thrive.

Same-gender relationships

We are ahead of the game when it comes to financial planning for same-sex couples. Laws on inheritance, wealth transfer, and other wealth sectors have changed rapidly since the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. We partner with top-of-the-line attorneys, accountants, and other consultants with a large gay and lesbian clientele.

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