You don’t have to be a regular client to get some expert advice! Feel free to make an appointment anytime to discuss the questions you have about your finances. No obligations! We will be upfront about our fee. You can decide if you want to hire us to give you a hand after meeting with us.

In the past, we have seen people looking for support in the following areas:

  1. Creating a financial plan
  2. Creating or adjusting a retirement income plan
  3. Helping with 401(k) asset allocation
  4. Reviewing current portfolio design
  5. Guidance about assets in relation to loss of spouse, divorce, or new job

Interested in discussing a topic not mentioned here? Contact our operations manager, Jacki Zahn, at 401-765-1711 or at jacki@oakleafwm.com, and she can let you know if it’s something we handle.

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